A message for Paris

Paris has been in the news and the thoughts of many across the world because of the events on Friday 13th November 2015 when death and injury blighted the lives of people seeking an enjoyable evening out or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. From November 30 to December 11, 2015 Paris is also the venue of the latest in a long series of meetings organised by the United Nations to discuss Climate Change.

I hope that this may be the moment when politicians from all participating countries come to realise that achieving sustainable development that limits damage to the climate, in particular, and the environment we rely on as a species, in general, is economically and socially necessary. If so, perhaps they will also realise that money is just a tool that Governments use (and of course need to maintain) and that the cost of sustainability is like the cost of security (which should be in their minds as the venue is Paris) and is more than desirable and worth being properly resourced.

Paul Newman
28 November 2015

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Pictures for the season

2015-10-28 HesperanthaOne of the desirable features that drew me to the new  layout for this web site was the ability to change the pictures in the header that appear at the top of each post and page. Today for the first time since the launch in October that I have had the pleasure of making a couple of changes to the sequence that greets visitors to the Renewable Way as well as showing a couple of others in this post .

As I write this on 21st November, it is after we have experienced the first snow of the season here in Staffordshire (see picture below) and in many other parts of the British Isles. Nonetheless, until now it has been an 2015-11-21 First Snowautumn of exceptional colour (for example the Hesperantha flowers have been exceptional in our garden, as I hope can be seen from the photo above) and, after a colder summer, a milder one than average. Thus I have chosen a picture that reflects the colours in the trees (taken at Wightwick Manor, a National Trust property located near to Wolverhampton) and one showing wild geese (Brent, I think) coming in to find winter quarters in the Trent Valley, here in middle England, which was a great sight and sound.

I have also added a picture I took last year in my back garden of a notable sunset on the shortest day of the year to remind us all that the year is drawing to a close, the light is fading and it is likely to get colder before spring returns next year.

Paul Newman

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Introducing Grid Power

Many of the papers I have included in this version of my web site and its predecessors have arisen because something happened that made me feel I just had to share my thoughts more widely. This happens especially where something has been said publicly that just seems to defy factual logic. The paper “Grid Power” is a good example of this process.

In the first paragraph I explain the circumstances that caused me to write a response to what seemed a comment based on a misunderstanding that was made on national radio and went unchallenged, at the time. Since then the British Government has announced a decision to close all coal fired power stations but seems to want to replace them with Gas fired plants.

Although these should, technically, be less polluting, because of the design and potential of the national electricity grid that they will become a supplier to, this should have been an opportunity to increase the supply of electricity from renewable source of all types, for reasons that are referred to in “Grid Power“.

To spell this out in another way that I hope may help those who have not had the personal experience of seeing power generation and the working of the National Grid at first hand; we have moved enough potential energy out of the Earth’s Crust and converted it into kinetic energy in the atmosphere and waters around us to have an effect on our climate that will continue to grow for decades to come. This increases the opportunity to , tap into this energy that we have already produced ‘for free’ if we harness it using renewable technologies. Including Combined Cycle Gas Fired power stations with renewables is a good idea (perhaps also using Fuel Cells) but not instead of them.

This is because we will pay for such a misguided policy both in our climate and eventually in monetary terms because of the impact on our economy and our desire to mitigate the adverse affects of climate change on our way of life.

Paul Newman

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Background to the message about healing

This November I have added to the revised web site (see post: About the new-look Renewable Way) a paper called “Healing” that I wrote in 1987, which was not only one of the first pages I included in the original version of The Renewable Way, hosted by Green Net in the spring of the year 2000 but appeared in my first trial attempts to construct a web presence about five years earlier (hosted by a now defunct organisation called Unet). The best way to introduce it is to include in this post the paper that was produced to explain how it came about nearly twenty years ago. This document was originally addressed to the Members of the Trentham PCC. Trentham has had a Christian community, worshipping on the site of the present church, since at least 680 AD and its history as a site of worship is almost certainly very much older. It is located in Staffordshire, U.K., adjacent to the River Trent.

Background to the Healing Message
The message that I have attempted to convey (Healing) was received by me during the season of Christmas, 1986. The first and major part came during a morning Communion service at our church while the Intercessions were being delivered. It is impossible to find an everyday life parallel to explain exactly how the experience was. However, the nearest I can get is to say that it was as if I was both present with Jesus and his Disciples, when he was commanding them to go out and heal, while at the same time receiving an understanding of exactly how that healing could take place.

At first, I kept the message to myself but the following week, in church, the sense of the message came back to me together with a strong impression that it had to be shared. Quite obviously, it had relevance to the Healing Services proposed at the last PCC meeting of 1986. I realised then that the message should give those involved the confidence that such services would work and give guidance about how they should be conducted. However, I was well aware that I would be testing the faith of anyone I chose to deliver it to. I hope that you will all understand the reasons why I delayed mentioning the message to anyone. I have been reminded since that the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is full of stories about people who initially tried to avoid carrying out what they knew to be God’s will because they thought the world would either laugh at them or reject the message. The pressure to comply grew in me sufficiently that I eventually had to have a brief word with our Vicar after the service one morning. As a result of this we arranged an evening meeting, when I told him my story as best I could. He suggested that I present the message to the Worship Committee when they came to consider whether or not Healing Services should be started at Trentham Parish Church.

This meeting took place on the 13th May 1987 and, after they had all listened patiently and discussed the Message and the Service, it was suggested that I should put the story on paper. In part because this would make it available to a wider audience (as the Spirit dictated) and also initially so that the “message” could be shared with all members of the PCC

Paul Newman

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About the new-look Renewable Way

The Roman writer Ovid observed that the only constant that he experienced was change. This year has seen a great amount of change for me personally and called for a review of priorities and possibilities. On thing I felt was needed was to improve the look and ease of use of my web site The Renewable Way, which is now over fifteen years old. As I have described in the Welcome page, the content has changed and there have been some changes to the design but the method of uploading content to Green Net’s server had not and this created problems (especially with broken links), which are exacerbated if you use more than one computing device to create and upload material to the site. So now I have, with the help of the support team at Green Net, moved to a web-based format hosted by Word Press.

What this process has enable me to do is review all pages and distil the content to a representative selection. New material is planned and some old favourites will be recreated or updated. Changes will be introduced, where appropriate, via posts, such as this one, which are by there nature more immediate and temporary, which should encourage me to update on a rolling programme, rather than trying to do a lot for each new season.

The aim of this web site remains to make it easier to understand why it is necessary for all of us to become ‘Sustainable’ but this also has to mean that we continue to enjoy what makes life interesting, exciting, comfortable and gives us purpose. Please view the pages Welcome to the Renewable Way, Sustain, Eternal, People and Places to learn more about the material available on this web site.

Also, please continue to send your comments and suggestions: for example by submitting a reply below.

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Favourite Places

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Inspiring People

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Being Sustainable

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The parable of the Treasure Chest

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Consider the Eternal

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How can you be here when you are everywhere

A Grace

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