An introduction to the Renewable Way

The theme of this website is renewal, which I believe to be good for both spiritual and economic wellbeing and can be found though the people who inspire us by their words and actions and the places that catch our attention and stimulate our imagination. It is renewal that sustains us and allows us to grow.

At the physical level, renewal comes about when energy, which we can neither create nor destroy, is rearranged and thereby offers new potential. The ‘economy’, is the way humanity describes how we capture and seek to control the energy we need to live and nourish our body and mind. There are different ways this goal can be achieved and the ‘sustain’ pages include ideas that are offered because I hope they can help us the meet the challenge given to us by the United Nations that “humanity has the ability to make development sustainable – to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (an aspiration suggested by the ‘World Commission on Environment and Development’ in  the report ‘Our Common Future’ published in 1987).

On the spiritual and physical planes, renewal needs to take place for anything to be sustainable and long-lived. I would suggest that the concept of ‘eternity’ does not mean ‘unchanging’ but a state where what is experienced is beyond time and therefore seems to be constantly new. In our spiritual life there can be moments that transform our view of creation and change the way that we subsequently think and experience events. Therefore, what I have tried to convey through the items included in the ‘eternal’ pages is some of those personal insights that have renewed me; sometimes also including details of how they came about.

As can be seen from the menu under the picture at the top of each page (which is also regularly renewed), I have also provided material about some of the ‘people’ and ‘places’ that I find inspiring. In addition there are, from time to time, ‘posts’ (which some may describe as ‘blogs’) inspired by seasons, events and the thoughts of myself and others. However what I hope is that you, the visitor to this website, are encouraged to recognise, accept and even seek renewal and through that experience help other to do the same, where there is a need. Your comments and ideas are welcome; I explain how they can be included in the page describing the ‘Editor’. There is also a guide to ‘Site Navigation’ and a ‘Brief History’ of how this web site came into being.