An introduction to the Renewable Way

Renewal is essential for the planet and universe because this is how energy is recycled to new places and applications. Renewal of ideas and becoming open to greater understanding is also the key to spiritual awareness. Both economic and spiritual renewal can be inspired by the people we encounter and the places that stimulate our imagination.

Therefore, if you use the menu above you will discover that the parts, which make up this website, have been grouped under four main headings entitled: ‘Sustain’, which explores how the economy (and human society) can become more sustainable in the light of the underlying science; ‘Eternal’, which looks deeper and explores spiritual experience and ideas; ‘People’ and ‘Places’. There is also a guide to ‘Site Navigation’, a ‘Brief History’ of how this web site came into being and page introducing me, the ‘Editor’ of ‘The Renewable Way’. I hope you enjoy your exploration!

Paul Newman