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DSCF0688 (2)Paul Newman BSc (Sociology), DMS, MA (Sustainable Development) worked for the Government for thirty years mostly on projects seeking to develop the UK Economy and has also been employed as a part-time lecturer, invigilator, events organiser and as a consultant on sustainable development projects. He was a member of three professional bodies: The Chartered Management Institute; The Energy Institute; and The Royal Statistical Society.

In 1997 he joined the voluntary group Sustainable Staffordshire  and subsequently served as first a Vice-Chair then Chair for a four year term and, as a result, became associated with the Community Council of Staffordshire, first as a volunteer and then a Trustee and a member of its Board of Directors. He has also served three terms as a Councillor for Swynnterton Parish, been a trustee of Hanchurch Village Hall and member of Trentham PCC.

He was born in London but also lived in Kent, Northumberland and South Wales prior to settling in Staffordshire with his wife a couple of years after their marriage in 1971. They have one son and four grandchildren and divide their time between Staffordshire and Norfolk, where their family now lives.

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