image002Enjoying where you are (for example, watching a full Moon rising over trees in June over our back garden – click on the picture for a closer view) is a great way of being more sustainable about the energy you might otherwise use to get to more distant places. However, we all can benefit from a change of scenery and the experience can help you appreciate what is on your doorstep.

Trentham, Staffordshire, home for this web site, has, in recent years, become a place that attracts many visitors, thanks in a large part to the complex of attractions to be found within the Trentham Estate, once owned by the Dukes of Sutherland.  The Village grew up around the River Trent, which has its source in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Although it springs up closer to the west coast than the east it eventually reaches the North Sea after a looping journey of over two hundred miles, which ends at the Humber.

Trentham is almost as far inland as it is possible to be in England – nearly 70 miles away by road from the nearest coast – so, if you love being by the sea it involves several hours journey. Fortunately, we are well placed to reach many places where we can enjoy a day out and a good walk, especially in the company of our family. On such trips we usually take a camera and this section of the Renewable Way allows us to share some of the pictures we have taken.

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