Celebrating people

image002We are all part of the web of life on this planet but at the same time each of us is an element of creation that is eternally unique. This section is dedicated to some people who have made a difference through their ideas, dedication, service and even the fun that they have brought to life.

In particular, it contains a summary of the achievements of two men who, in their different ways are significant to both our family and to others who knew them through their achievement: Norman Wainwright and Horace Ellis.

The Renewable Way has always welcomed the ideas and contributions of others and an important feature of this site from its beginning is the collection of humorous “Plod” tales, written by John Lakin.  John is pictured above (front centre), with his wife (standing to the left on the back row) and friends (including the Editor and his wife), on one of his trips on the Narrow Boat ‘Clowards Way’. Sadly, John died in March 2020, from the effects of Parkinson’s Disease but his spirit lives on in his stories.

Finally, there are some notes are about the person who has to take responsibility for all the imperfections within these pages: the editor

Norman Wainwright – Champion and Gentleman
. Norman Wainwright in wartime
• Horace Ellis – Sportsman and Bomber Pilot killed in action in 1942 
• John Lakin – The humour of “Plod”
• Editor & Contact