What is sustainable?

image002Our bodies need to be sustained to allow each of us to survive and develop from the moment of conception. We exist within a system, all parts of which obey the same physical laws. The Covid-19 pandemic has remined us how vulnerable we are, especially to unseen fellow organisms. This web site and, in particular, this section of it was created to give interested individuals information to help understand the debate about whether humanity can have a more sustainable lifestyle, how it can be achieved and what they can do for themselves. The titles of the pieces currently included are listed below, please click on them to read more. If, however, you would like to take personal action, I have summarised what I believe to be the renewable way to sustainable development in four points:

• Select the materials and energy you use from renewable sources

• Recycle what you have finished using

• Reprocess all persistent and harmful residues that past action has left in the environment so that they become recyclable

• Measure success by the progress made achieving the three goals above (however small the steps) and, over time, by improvements in the environment everyone shares

Paul Newman
July 2020

The renewable way to sustainable development – Planning a path through the many layers of sustainability

From Economic Development to Sustainable Development
Healthy Economic Development
Personal Economics
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Grid Power
Economic Limits
Economic Measurement
Energy & Economics
Money & Sustainability
Accounting for sustainability
Can sustainability be measured?
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