What Covid-19 can help us to learn

I hope that as a result of the ‘lockdown’ in response to Covid-19 more people will understand that they are part of Creation, as is everyone else. I hope that individuals will be recognised for what they can do, instead of ignored for what they cannot do and that what becomes important is how we help each other to share the riches of Creation.

As a starting point, I am asking everyone to consider taking action as an individual, as part of a household and as a participant in the three sectors of corporate society and make the decision, when possible, to: 

  • Select the materials and energy you use from renewable sources
  • Recycle what you have finished using
  • Reprocess all persistent and harmful residues that past action has left in the environment so that they become recyclable
  • Measure success by the progress made achieving the three goals above (however small the steps) and, over time, by improvements in the environment everyone shares

If you like these ideas, please pass them on to your friends. If you are interested in the thinking behind these suggestions please read the full article called ‘The renewable way to sustainable development’, which is a page within the ‘Sustain’ section of this web site. I have made a few other recent additions and alteration within the collections ‘Eternal’, which has also been extensively reorganised into two subsidiary groupings ‘Personal Experiences‘ and ‘Spiritual Reflections‘ and ‘People’, where I have added new information about the reasons my Uncle, Horace Ellis, went missing in action and to mark the death of a great friend, John Lakin, author of the ‘Plod’ stories. Thanks to the excellent support team at Green Net, I have also uploaded new pictures for the header, which I hope that you will enjoy. If you are new to this site and want to start exploring, please use the menu above. I recommend starting with the ‘Welcome’ page.

Paul Newman, July 2020

About Paul Newman

Paul Newman BSc (Sociology), DMS, MA (Sustainable Development) worked for the Government for thirty years mostly on projects seeking to develop the UK Economy and has also been employed as a part-time lecturer, invigilator, events organiser and as a consultant on sustainable development projects. He became a member of the voluntary group Sustainable Staffordshire in 1997 and subsequently served as first a Vice-Chair then Chair for a four year term, during this time he also became a volunteer and then a trustee of the Community Council of Staffordshire, which he continued to support as a member of its Board of Directors until its closure in 2018. He has also served three terms as a Councillor for Swynnterton Parish, been a trustee of Hanchurch Village Hall and member of Trentham PCC.
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