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About Paul Newman

Paul Newman BSc (Sociology), DMS, MA (Sustainable Development) worked for the Government for thirty years mostly on projects seeking to develop the UK Economy and has also been employed as a part-time lecturer, invigilator, events organiser and as a consultant on sustainable development projects. He became a member of the voluntary group Sustainable Staffordshire in 1997 and subsequently served as first a Vice-Chair then Chair for a four year term, during this time he also became a volunteer and then a trustee of the Community Council of Staffordshire, which he continued to support as a member of its Board of Directors until its closure in 2018. He has also served three terms as a Councillor for Swynnterton Parish, been a trustee of Hanchurch Village Hall and member of Trentham PCC.

Pictures for the season

One of the desirable features that drew me to the new  layout for this web site was the ability to change the pictures in the header that appear at the top of each post and page. Today for the first time … Continue reading

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Introducing Grid Power

Many of the papers I have included in this version of my web site and its predecessors have arisen because something happened that made me feel I just had to share my thoughts more widely. This happens especially where something … Continue reading

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Background to the message about healing

This November I have added to the revised web site (see post: About the new-look Renewable Way) a paper called “Healing” that I wrote in 1987, which was not only one of the first pages I included in the original version … Continue reading

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About the new-look Renewable Way

The Roman writer Ovid observed that the only constant that he experienced was change. This year has seen a great amount of change for me personally and called for a review of priorities and possibilities. On thing I felt was … Continue reading

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Favourite Places

Please see page Places. Other items under this category are: Full Moon; Home Plot; Trentham;

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Inspiring People

Please see the page People. Other material under this category includes: • Norman Wainwright – Champion and Gentleman . Norman Wainwright in wartime • Horace Ellis – Sportsman and Bomber Pilot killed in action in 1942 • John Lakin – The … Continue reading

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Being Sustainable

Please see the page Sustain. Other items under this category are: Healthy Economic Development; Personal Economics; Grid Power; Economic Limits; Economic Measurement; Energy & Economics; Money & Sustainability; Accounting for sustainability; Can sustainability be measured?; Planning research; The Brian and … Continue reading

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Consider the Eternal

For more information, please see the Eternal page. Other files included under this category are: • Material or spirit? • Who am I and why am I here? • Holistic Creed • Big Picture • Beginning • No Death • … Continue reading

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