Spring Promise

Here in Britain the weather has changed and suddenly it seems as if spring has really arrived and we can look forward to the prospect of summer warmth. As a result, I have changed the pictures that appear above the text to something brighter and included in these image a couple taken by my nine year old grandson in our garden.

Politics, on the other hand, seems to be dominated by the insular concerns of the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. I wish that both sides of the argument, and particularly those who want us to leave, would set out their macro-economic strategy to show how our relations with the whole global economy will either be changed or maintained by the decision they want us to take.

My own ideas about a strategy that puts sustainability at the forefront of future development are set out on the page on this web site entitled Accounting for sustainability.

If you would like to know more about the purpose of the Renewable Way, please have a look at the Welcome page or just browse, using the menu options given above.

Paul Newman

May 2016



About Paul Newman

Paul Newman BSc (Sociology), DMS, MA (Sustainable Development) worked for the Government for thirty years mostly on projects seeking to develop the UK Economy and has also been employed as a part-time lecturer, invigilator, events organiser and as a consultant on sustainable development projects. He became a member of the voluntary group Sustainable Staffordshire in 1997 and subsequently served as first a Vice-Chair then Chair for a four year term, during this time he also became a volunteer and then a trustee of the Community Council of Staffordshire, which he continued to support as a member of its Board of Directors until its closure in 2018. He has also served three terms as a Councillor for Swynnterton Parish, been a trustee of Hanchurch Village Hall and member of Trentham PCC.
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