Seaside visits

As a child I spent some of my most cherished moments by the seaside, partly because I was lucky enough to have family living on the Kent and Sussex coasts. For nearly fifty years, until 2021, I lived in landlocked Trentham, Staffordshire, which is over sixty miles by road from the nearest accessible seafront to the west but it was possible to make a day trip to the Sefton Sands, in Merseyside, the Wirral peninsula, in the neighbouring county of Cheshire, or the North Wales coast. Some of our family’s favourite haunts to the east on the North Sea, such as in Norfolk and Suffolk, required at least a couple of nights stay to be able to take the time to enjoy the opportunities afforded by the journey and this is also true when heading south. Nonetheless, over the years we have visited many places around the coast of Britain and recorded some of our experiences through pictures taken at the time. I hope that the pages listed below, which it is planned will be added to over the coming months, will suggest places to visit or provoke good memories.

Sefton Sands
North Norfolk Coast